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Archiving orders in Unify Enterprise

When all transactions are complete on an order, you can archive it by clicking on the archive button or the archive link in the actions column. 

 The Archive orders tab is used to store orders that have been archived manually. By default orders that are within 30 days are readily view-able in the archive and any orders that are older than 30 days can be viewed in the Archived Orders area.


Setting up auto archive.

If you have a lot of orders, you can setup auto-archive for all orders older than a particular date. Simply open up Unify Enterprise, go to File >> Advanced Settings and then change and save the setting shown below:


In addition to the above, or alternatively, you can also auto archive orders once you have delt with it in Unify Enterprise, by setting up the Order archive rule. Click here to learn how to setup order archive rules


Viewing Old Archived Orders

Once orders have been archived, use the view old archive orders dropdown to view orders older than a particular number of days (usually 15). 

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