7. Setup Payment Processing

Payment processing within Unify Enterprise allows you to integrate your Paypal / Auth.Net or your Quickbooks merchant services account, so as to process payments offline for all orders or only for those orders that have been created manually in Unify Enterprise. 


If you have an AUTH system on the online store wherein payments are authorized but not taken, you can choose the Auth-Only option and complete the collection transaction after the order has been downloaded into Unify Enterprise. 

You can also map Payments using option number 3. This option allows you to map a payment method on the online store with a payment method in your accounting software. e.g. Your online store payment method is 'chkatstore'. You can map the payment method to your accounting software method 'Cheque to be received instore'. The new mapped method is what will be displayed in your invoice as well. This option can also be used to create a new payment method & set a default payment method.

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