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6. Configure Order download

The Download settings area, under the order configuration settings page, lets you choose which orders you want to download to Unify Enterprise and from what date. It also lets you choose what to do with the orders you have not selected for download. If you do want all orders downloaded and yet only a select few to be processed, you can mark all orders you dont want processed as ignored.

Remember, when you choose an order status for download, you must select yes under the process payment section if you want to use Unify Enterprise to process payments offline. If the order has already been paid for, select 'No, Mark as paid'. The same applies to shipping. If you do not intend to use Unify Enterprise to ship your orders, Select 'No, Mark as shipped'.

This screen also lets you choose what to do with orders that have bundled products and / or configurable products. 

The order processing settings tab, allows you to select what statuses will be updated to the online store when the order is posted back to the store.

e.g. You have printed a label and post back to store as a Complete order and choose to send the customer a mail from the website.

e.g. You have posted to your accounting software and then post to store as Processing, which would be an indication to a third party shipper to ship those products out and mark that order as completed later.

If you want Unify Enterprise to check the online store on a regular basis, for orders that may have changed or updated in any way after they have been downloaded into Unify Enterprise, select the option to check the online store for updates made to the order after downloading. 

Once the option is selected, you can also fine tune what you would like to check for order updates. e.g. If you have a third party shipper / warehouse shipping the orders for you and updating the order status on the online store, you can choose to check for changes to the order status after the order has been downloaded into Unify Enterprise.


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