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3. Synchronize Products

What is syncing?
When orders are created in the online store, the online store will deduct the quantity within the online store interface automatically and the quantity in your accounting software no longer matches the quantity in the online store.  In case of the QuickBooks POS integration, when an order is made in the online store or if a product is purchased in-store, the quantity levels between the online store and QuickBooks POS can rapidly become out of sync. 

Why is syncing important?
This process can be further complicated integrating with multiple online stores that all share the same stock level.  The user must always be mindful of overselling in a particular online store, which causes the order to become unfulfilled or delayed because there is no quantity. 

Establishing a master inventory location
Before the syncing process can begin, the user must established where the master location will be.  The master location is the area is main area that updated when new stock is received or an item is created manually and the starting quantity is established. Click here to learn how to setup a master inventory location. 

How syncing works
Keeping the price and/or quantity matching in both the online store store and your accounting software is one main functions of managing inventory within Unify Enterprise.  Data can be synchronized:

  • Manually within the the synchronize products area 
  • Automatically using the Unify Enterprise Scheduler. 

Products that match or have been mapped together can be be synchronized.  

Manual Synchronizing

Within the Product menu, select the Synchronize Products area.  

Introduction to this area

  • Status (Out of Sync): Unify Enterprise has detected a conflict of either the price and/or quantity in the online store or your accounting software for a product. 
  • Status (In Orders): this status means that the particular product is current in an order that has not been posted to your accounting software, therefore the inventory hasn't been completely balanced in your accounting software.  This product cannot be synced until the orders that have this item has been posted to your accounting software.
  • Status (Base): this is a display product only and cannot be synced. 

To Synchronize:

1. Select the product to be synchronize.

2. Select what area has the incorrect price / or quantity and needs to be updated.

3. Select if you wan tot update price or quantity or both.

4. Hit Synchronize!

Best part? You can do it in bulk!

Automatic Syncing

Using the product syncing function within the Unify Enterprise Scheduler

Introduction to this area

  • Automatic syncing can be done between 15min - 24hrs.  The more products you have to sync, the automatic syncing time should be also increased.  
  • When updating the accounting software products, either price or quantity can be synced
  • When updating the Online store product, both price and/or quantity can be synced
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