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How Unify Enterprise handles products with options in OpenCart using Options Boost extension

The Options Boost extension must be installed in Open Cart v1.5.x for this function to work properly within Unify Enterprise.

This functionality works both for Pro/Premiere, Enterprise and QB POS. 

Limitation: Unify Enterprise cannot transfer items from QuickBooks to OpenCart as options. 

The options boost plugin allows as SKUs for an option of a product.  For example there is a unique sku for a size or color option for a product. 

How Unify Enterprise handles product options in OpenCart

Create the unique option SKU in OpenCart first. That SKU should match the data field in QuickBooks used to identify the product.  

Note: The override Model on Cart box should be unchecked.  You do not want to override your base product with the option sku. 

Enabling Options boost extension with Unify Enterprise

Go to the store configuration, File->Configure store-> Products screen and select the Store products settings tab. 

Select the box to enable interaction with the options boost extension, as shown below: 

In the Unify Enterprise product module

When enabled Unify Enterprise is able to download not only the product, but the option.  

In QuickBooks

When an order is placed for any item, if an attribute is chosen, Unify Enterprise will capture the option SKU.  

When that order is posted to QuickBooks the correct SKU in QuickBooks will have the inventory deducted from it.  

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