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Install Unify Enterprise Edition on NovelASPect

If you need not only QuickBooks hosted but also Unify Enterprise, then the Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted Bundle is for you. Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted is powered by NovelASPect and includes: 

  • Hosted environment powered by NovelASPect, that you can access from any computer
  • Option to purchase QuickBooks (Pro, Premiere or Enterprise) at a discount
  • Webgility Onboarding: Installation and Setup sessions 
  • One Source Billing: consolidated billing for all products/services
  • Receive NovelASPect, Unify Enterprise Edition and Wegility account login credentials


How the Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted Bundle works

Step 1: Work with a Webgility Sales Advisor and confirm that ordering the Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted Bundle is right for you. Call (877) 753-5373 ext. 1 or email

Step 2: Once the order is placed, you will fill out a quick form to help us set up your hosting account 

Step 3: Your Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted account will be created within two business days, with Unify Enterprise and QuickBooks installed and ready for setup. You will also receive your eCC Hosted Bundle login information. 

Step 4: Your Account Manager will contact you to book your complimentary Unify Enterprise implementation. 

Step 5: Our Customer Success Rep will take you through the process of installing the Citrix Receiver and  accessing your hosted environment and begin the process of setting up Unify Enterprise according to your business rules.

Step 6: We'll email you a confirmation along with all your login information, and you'll have access to your QuickBooks and Unify Enterprise anywhere. 


Getting started with NovelASPect's QuickBooks hosting and Unify Enterprise Edition

If you are currently hosting QuickBooks within NovelASPect, you can sign up for Unify Enterprise Edition subscription.  Contact NovelASPect to install Unify Enterprise Edition within your environment. 


Maintenance of Unify Enterprise Edition and QuickBooks

  • NovelASPect manages the installation of Unify Enterprise Edition and QuickBooks within its environment
  • Unify Enterprise Edition icon will be on the environment dashboard
  • If you are prompted to update your version of Unify Enterprise Edition, please contact NovelASPect support to submit an upgrade ticket.  Include your hosted username and the subject of the ticket should say "Please update my Unify Enterprise to the latest version".  A NovelASPect support rep will contact you directly about your Unify Enterprise update. 


NovelASPect supports all current US and Canada edition of QuickBooks Pro,Premier, Enterprise with Unify Enterprise

When Unify Enterprise Edition and QuickBooks are hosted within the NovelASPect environment, it offers the same functionality and features, which include:  


Printing shipping labels

NovelASPect is able to connect with any local printer connected to a computer via USB outside of the NovelASpect environment.  If you are using a label printer, that printer will need additional setup which can be handled by NovelASPect. 

Support and Unify Enterprise Edition updates

For technical issues regarding your hosting environment, contact NovelASPect's 24/7 support at:

For technical issues regarding Unify Enterprise, contact Webgility's support at:

Click here to view our webinar on hosting Unify Enterprise Edition within the NovelASPect environment.  

For more information about NovelASPect, visit


 Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted Bundle FAQs

1) What are the advantages of hosting versus having an on-site server?

The Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted Bundle environment will allow you to: 

  • Access QuickBooks from a Mac, PC, Android, smartphone, iPad, etc
  • Work simultaneously on the same company file with your clients in different locations
  • Receive 24/7/365 US-based technical support 

2) How do I add multiple users?

If you have multiple users for Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted Bundle you will need to have additional user logins for your Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted environment. Contact your Account Manager to arrange that for you or mention the number of users who need to access then environment to the sales rep during the purchase process. 

3) Is my data safe?

Data is securely stored on NovelASPect servers - no need to worry about lost or stolen laptops or crashed hard drives. NovelASPect has over 8 years of experience in security and reliability.

4) Can I use my mobile device to access the Unify Enterprise Hosted environment?

Yes!  Users can access their applications on a mobile/tablet devices only through the Citrix Receiver for mobile.  A simple configuration setup is required to launch the applications which is the same configuration on a PC machine. 

Supported devices: Windows, MAC, Android, iOS

5) Who do I call for support?

For technical issues regarding your hosting environment, or Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted contact NovelASPect's 24/7 support at:

For technical issues regarding Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted you can contact Webgility Priority Support: 

  • 415.666.2625

We have a very strong partnership with NovelASPect, so we can escalate any issue you are having to NovelASPect.  

6) Who updates the software?

 When Webgility has an update, NovelASPect will update your Unify Enterprise Edition version.  It's all done for you. They also update your QuickBooks.

7) What if I don't have QuickBooks yet?

Contact our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Chris Robinson about purchasing QuickBooks from us at a discount. 

8) Do you host Canadian versions of QuickBooks?

Not at this time.  But if you are interested please express your need for this integration within our Feature Request area of our Webgility Community.  

9) Can I pay monthly?

The Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted Bundle is only available for annual (yearly) subscriptions.  

10) What happens to my subscription after a year?

Your Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted Bundle subscription renews automatically within the discounted bundle rate. You will receive notifications before your Unify Enterprise Edition Hosted Bundle is due to renew. 

11) Do you have a bundle with other hosting providers?

Not at this time.


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