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3a. Post orders (as consolidated transactions) into your accounting software

On the Unify Enterprise Dashboard, go to the "File Menu >> Configure Store"

On the Store Setup window, go to the Transactions tab. Now select the "Group orders into batch and create a single sales transaction" option and select Manually from the drop-down. Once done, click on save and continue at the bottom right of the screen and then on close on the next screen. Note: Daily, weekly and monthly consolidation work on automation only. Click here to learn more. 

In the order inbox, select the orders you want to consolidate and click the Post to QuickBooks button.

Unify Enterprise will ask your confirmation to consolidate the transactions. Click on Yes. Also click-on remember me to remember the action.

Once done, Unify Enterprise will show a successful message. 

For all transactions that were consolidated, learn how to view a report that tells you all about the transactions consolidated by manual or automatic method (Click here for the consolidated transactions report in Unify Enterprise). 

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