Limitations of the Consolidated posting feature in Unify Enterprise Edition


  1. This feature only works when the Unify Enterprise Scheduler is turned on. If the scheduler is off, then it will automatically open, after the Configuration settings.
  2. The consolidated posting works with all the versions of QuickBooks and Netsuite.
  3. You can consolidate your transactions from January 1 2015,but not the ones before that date.
  4. You can only post an order(s) as a consolidated transaction, if the status of the order is Paid.
  5. Unify Enterprise will ignore already posted order(s) and will consider only those orders which are already downloaded for consolidated postings.
  6. Unify Enterprise will create a single transaction for time duration ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Manually) specified by you. 
  7. If you have selected to create transaction manually, consolidation will not be executed by scheduler.
  8. All consolidated transactions will post using a standard customer only. However in the case of missing inventory items, you can either use a standard product or choose the option to auto create missing products.  

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