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How to move Unify Enterprise and database to a new machine


1. System Requirement

2. Webgility Account

To move  Unify Enterprise and database on a new machine.  It is best to assess why Unify Enterprise is being moved:

  • Establishing a new admin computer
  • Installing Unify Enterprise for add-on users

Establishing a new Admin computer

Step 1: Take a backup of Unify Enterprise database from current machine.  

Step 2: Save the Unify Enterprisedb.bak file to a flash drive.

Step 3: Copy the .bak file to the desktop of the new computer. 

Step 4: Re-install Unify Enterprise from your Webgility Account. 

Step 5: Restore from the backup database on the desktop


Installing Unify Enterprise for add-on users

Click here if you have multiple users and need to add Unify Enterprise to their computer(s).  This area will show the various steps to install Unify Enterprise for multiple users. 

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