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Adding new stores and quick 5 point Unify Enterprise setup

After you Install Unify Enterprise and login you will be prompted to add a store. Adding a store involves connecting Unify Enterprise to your shopping cart, QuickBooks and configuring some basic settings.  

Step 1: Select Store

Give your store a name which will appear in Unify Enterprise.  Then select your store type from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Connecting to store

Depending on the type of store you selected in the first screen, this will determine the information that is needed to connect Unify Enterprise to the online store.  Each store connection requirements are different.  Click here to view how your store connects. 

Step 3: Store Address

This will be the "ship from" address when using the shipping module and packing slip. 

Step 4: Connect to your accounting software

Steps to connect to the accounting software vary from software to software. Click here to learn about them.


Step 5: Order Processing Settings

Posting to QuickBooks Settings: You need to tell Unify Enterprise how to record orders into QuickBooks. You also need to tell Unify Enterprise how to identify customers in QuickBooks and Products in the store.

Payment and Shipment Settings: If you are using Unify Enterprise to process shipping, check the box to use Unify Enterprise to generate shipping labels.  You can setup the specific shipping processors later in the store configuration.

If you are connecting your payment processor with Unify Enterprise to process order payments after the order is shipped also check that box. The specific payment rules can be setup in the store configuration.

Identify what your online order status mean: In this area, you can setup how Unify Enterprise interprets the order status used in your online store.  Hover over the "?" to find out more information about how each status is handled in Unify Enterprise.  If you only want specific orders to be downloaded by Unify Enterprise based on order status, that can be setup in the Orders screen of the store configuration.

Start downloading orders from: Unify Enterprise will automatically download the most recent 50 orders. 

Step 6: Ready to Roll

Option 1: (Dashboard) Unify Enterprise will download the 50 most recent orders and begin processing orders. 

Option 2: Use this option to do detailed and advanced configurations like templates setup, choice of accounts, packing slip setup, shipping processor setup and more. 

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