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Step 1: Install Unify Enterprise Edition on your Windows computer

Important: If you intend to install Unify Enterprise Editionon a server unit, please read the pre-requisites here:


1. System Requirements

2. Webgility Account

Process of installation   

1. Download the Unify Enterprise Edition installer from the downloads section of your account on If you do not know what this is, click here to learn about downloads

2. Double click the downloaded installer file and install the software on your computer using all the default settings.


 3. Once the install has completed, double click the Unify Enterprise Edition icon on your desktop and login using your Webgility credentials. 

4. Upon Login, you will be asked to install the Unify Enterprise Database or choose an existing database. The Database download and install process is entirely automatic and does not require you to click anywhere.

Incase this process gives you errors or you have difficulties, call support on 877.753.5373 ext 3 / email You can also schedule a call with an on-boarding rep to help you by going to

Note : If you intend to install & use Unify Enterprise Edition on other computers in the same local area network, follow the additional steps below. 

1. Go to the "c:\Webgility\UnifyEnterprise" folder, Right Click on 'wgFirewall.exe' and then click on Run as Administrator.



2. Depending upon your system configuration, you may be asked to enter the password for the administrator login. Once you have done the same, you will get a prompt that tells you that Windows firewall is configured.




What's Next :

  1. Connect to your e-commerce store
  2. Connect to your Accounting Software
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