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1. My Products

The MY PRODUCTS screen is the one stop area to view a complete list of all the products in your online store and those in your accounting software. This screen begins with the product dashboard that currently shows a graph of top 10 products by quantity sold or by revenue.

Accounting Software Products:

  •  Double click on any product to know more about it. 




  • Double click on any product to know more about it.


The MATCHING products screen can be used to see a report of items automatically matched by Unify Enterprise between your accounting software and your Online Store. Product Matching Criteria is highlighted and Unify Enterprise displays the number of matched products.



The MAPPED products screen can be used to see a report of items in the online store mapped with an accounting software item or vice versa. Click on Delete to delete the Mapping. Mapping criteria columns are highlighted. You can delete mappings in bulk by selecting multiple orders and clicking the delete button on the top right.

     You can also export or import mappings. Use the Export button to generate a CSV file of all your item mappings. You can use the Import Mappings button to import new set of mappings in bulk. A CSV template is also provided under the "C:\Webgility\Unify Enterprise\Templates" folder which you can use to specify your mappings.


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