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Unify Enterprise Shipping with Endicia DaZzle


The Endicia DaZzle integration with Unify Enterprise allow you to utilize your current Endicia DaZzle software to generate shipping labels and rates for orders.  


The Endicia DaZzle integration enables: 

  • Domestic shipping labels only
  • Utilize custom label layout files within DaZzle

This guide will show you how to get started quickly as well as learn about all the shipping services and features of the Endicia DaZzle integration. 

Step 1: Adding Endicia DaZzle to Unify Enterprise

Unify Enterprise communicates with Endicia DaZzle using XML, therefore your Endicia DaZzle account must be able to utilize the premium options which allows Third-party XML software integration. 

Step 2: Default Shipping Settings

The default settings utilize the layout files and printer settings within DaZzle itself. 

Step 3: Process Shipping

Shipping rates are generated within Endicia DaZzle, but other carrier shipping rates cannot be compared with the rate calculation within Endicia DaZzle. Utilize features such as Stealth Postage and custom layouts to generate shipping labels. 

Step 4: Packing Slips and Pick lists

The packing slip show the items that are within the shipment and is usually received by the customer. 

The Pick list is a listing of items with orders to easily pack and pack during the fulfillment process by a warehouse shipping team.  

Step 5: Posting to Store

After orders are shipped, Unify Enterprise can send the shipping carrier, method and tracking information back to the eCommerce platform.  This can occur for orders shipped out using Unify Enterprise or for imported shipping information


Additional Endicia DaZzle Services and Features


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