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Unify Enterprise Shipping with FedEx

The FedEx integration with Unify Enterprise offers a wide variety of FedEx services, special services and advanced functions such as shipment tracking and Hold At Location integration. Click here to explore.  

The FedEx integration enables: 

  • Domestic shipping and labels
  • International shipping labels and customs forms
  • Connection to FedEx Canada accounts

This guide will show you how to get started quickly as well as learn about all the shipping services and features of the FedEx integration. 

Step 1: Adding FedEx to Unify Enterprise

Unify Enterprise connects directly to the FedEx account, so any special rates that are associated with your account, may also be utilized by Unify Enterprise when shipping. 

If you have more than one FedEx account utilized for shipping, each can be added and uniquely named and then selected within the shipping module. 

Step 2: Default shipping settings

These settings will be utilized for the Unify Enterprise shipping module when shipping.  Printers (Thermal and network) and the folders to store past shipping labels can be selected.  The settings can be changed anytime in the store configuration settings.  

Step 3: Process Shipping 

Processing shipping involves verifying shipping addresses, getting or comparing rates, selecting services and special options, then generating the shipping labels. 

Step 4: Packing Slips and Pick lists

The packing slip show the items that are within the shipment and is usually received by the customer. 

The Pick list is a listing of items with orders to easily pack and pack during the fulfillment process by a warehouse shipping team.  

Step 5: Posting to Store

After orders are shipped, Unify Enterprise can send the shipping carrier, method and tracking information back to the eCommerce platform.  This can occur for orders shipped out using Unify Enterprise or for imported shipping information.   


Additional FedEx Services and Features




  • FedEx OneRate: Generate rates using FedEx Express Saver and 1,2 or 3 day shipping with flat rate shipping with predefined FedEx Paks, Tubes, boxes and envelopes.  
  • FedEx Hold at Location: allows the shipment to be shipped to a designated FedEx retails location to hold, so the customer can receive it.  This can be used for customers who are unable to receive shipments at their residence. 






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