UPS Direct & Unify Enterprise : Get rates with UPS Surepost

"UPS SurePost is a residential, economy, ground service.  UPS SurePost is a combination of shipping with UPS and the final delivery provided by the U.S. Postal Service." 


  1. You can view the rates for Sure Post services only when you selects any of the Sure post services from the "UPS Service" drop-down list.
  2. Your UPS account must be enabled with the SurePost services in order to use Unify Enterprise with Sure Post.

Step 1: On the Unify Enterprise 'Dashboard', select the "Inbox" tab, as shown in the picture below :

Step 2: On the "Inbox" screen, select any 'Unshipped' order, as highlighted and click on "Process Shipping" button.

Step 3: Now under the "Select Shipping Process" option, select the "UPS" option from the drop-down menu as shown in the picture below :

 Step 4: Selects any of the 'SurePost service' from the "UPS Service" drop-down list, as highlighted in the picture below : 


Step 5: Suppose you've selected "UPS SurePost@ Less than 1lb" and click on "Get Rate" button, as shown in the picture below : 

Step 6: You will get the rates of "UPS SurePost@ Less than 1lb", as shown in the picture below : 


Next Steps :

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