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You can manage orders and use the 'Products' sync module to synchronize the price and quantity of items between your Amazon Seller account and QuickBooks. Amazon requires you to register to use Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) in order to configure this integration. The following article describes how to register to use MWS and how to get the required credentials to set up Unify Enterprise.


Step 1: Enter store Name, select Amazon from the drop-down menu, enter your store web address and click on Continue.


Step 2 : Now Unify Enterprise will ask for your Merchant ID, Access Key and Secret Key. Enter them and click on Connect to Store.


 Register your Amazon Marketplace Web Service Account (MWS) to Unify Enterprise

You must register your Amazon Marketplace Web Service account so Unify Enterprise can connect to your Seller account to download inventory-related information. Here are the steps to register your MWS account:

1. Go to Amazon US MWS to link your Seller account with Unify Enterprise. If you are using Amazon UK, click here.
2. Click the Sign up or manage Amazon MWS link 




3. The seller Id is in the "Your account information" area.  Copy and paste that into the connection area in Unify Enterprise.  




4. To get the Access Key and Secret Key click "Authorize a Developer" then select the first option "I want to get my credentials for accessing my own Amazon seller account with Amazon MWS"  




5. Copy and paste the AWS Access Key and Secret Key into the Unify Enterprise store connection area.  





Information you will need from the above:

Merchant ID
Access Key
Secret Key


Use the information retrieved  and enter it in the relevant sections in Unify Enterprise and then click on Connect to Store. Once connected you will have the option to select a sales channel as well.


Remember that if you use FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), you must select the FBA check-box else you will not be able to process FBA orders and you will also not be able to setup those relevant expenses and fees. 


Step 3 : Enter the Store Details.


Next Steps :

  1. Connect to your accounting software. 
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