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Committing Avalara AvaTax using Unify Enterprise

When an order is posted to QuickBooks using Unify Enterprise, it can create a Sales Receipt or an Invoice in QuickBooks and Avalara AvaTax can calculate the tax in QuickBooks so that the correct taxation is displayed on the QuickBooks transaction. 

Committing taxes is the action of recording the finalized tax calculated by Avalara AvaTax in the Avalara account. 

Committing taxes is done after Avalara AvaTax has calculated taxation for a transaction and that tax is added to the general ledger in QuickBooks.  

Once taxes are committed within the Avalara account, it can be voided within the Avalara AvaTax account.   

Click here to view Avalara AvaTax information on committing taxes.  
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Committing taxes can be done automatically (in Unify Enterprise) or manually (within Avalara AvaTax). 

Committing Taxes using Unify Enterprise (automatically)
Avalara AvaTax calculations can be committed automatically by Unify Enterprise, by setting up a rule in the order fulfillment process. 

Step 1: While on the Unify Enterprise Dashboard, select the Tools menu, choose and select Avalara. 

Step 2: Select when taxes can be committed during the order fulfillment process. 

Post to QuickBooks:  The taxes can be committed during the post to QuickBooks process in Unify Enterprise.  

Post to Store: when an order is posted to store (shipping status update and shipping information sent to online store), 

Don't Commit: Avalara AvaTax taxes must be committed manually within your Avalara account. 

Committing Taxes manually 
This must be done within your Avalara account itself.  

Step 1: Login to your Avalara account

Step 2: Go to the Transactions tab

Step 3: Select transactions (by document code) that are uncommitted and click the Commit button. 

Step 4: Review and click OK.  

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