Introduction to Shipping with Unify Enterprise (Premium, Ultimate and Managed plans)

Shipping in Unify Enterprise is available for the Premium, Ultimate and Managed plans.  

The Unify Enterprise shipping module integrates with

Users are able to: 

  • Generate Shipping rates
  • Compare Shipping rates between other shipping carriers
  • Generate Shipping labels
  • Validate shipping addresses

Each shipping processor has its own unique settings, Domestic/International shipping options, services and rules that can be created.  Click the shipping carrier comparison chart to view what features are available for each shipping provider that connects to Unify Enterprise. 

General  Unify Enterprise Shipping features and terms


Default Shipping processor: this can be selected for both domestic and international shipping options. 

Shipping processor configuration settings: default settings for each shipping processor that will be displayed upon accessing the shipping module or toggling between multiple carriers. 

Custom Shipping Rules: this function that enable use cases that can be triggered by order amount, weight, state, number of items which utilize a certain shipping carrier. All custom rules will override any default settings for shipping if the order triggers the custom rule. 

Compare Rates: the rate comparison tool allow rates between multiple processors to be compared with equivalent service types. 

Webgility Insurance: powered by InsureShip, this feature allows the user to insure shipments for less than the normal rate for shipping carriers.  

Weight Scales

  • 5lb (Model 510) scale
  • 25lb. Integrated Digital Scale (Model 2510) 
  • Dymo (Model 40149) Weight Scale

Thermal Printers


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