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Keep it simple with consolidated syncing in eCC Cloud

August 3, 2015

Is your high-volume sales data clogging up your accounting software? If so, today’s eCC Cloud release has a great feature for you: consolidated syncing. eCC Cloud can now combine multiple orders into a single transaction in QuickBooks Online or Xero. Your accounting software will be accurate, so you’ll have the big-picture financial insights you need to grow your business without too many details slowing down the system.

Consolidated transactions still have the specifics you need to run your business and gain financial insights, without the added bulk of unnecessary information. Transactions list the products and fees as line items, so you can understand what’s selling and where your money is going. For efficiency, consolidated transactions are associated with a “standard customer” in your accounting software.

Log in to eCC Cloud and update your automation settings to enable consolidated syncing. Click here to learn how to configure consolidated syncing.

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