Using Consolidated syncing and QuickBooks Online sync settings

When order consolidated syncing is enabled, Unify will use some standard settings as below, and not all the ones configured by you.

  1. Transactions numbers in QuickBooks Online should be assigned by : QuickBooks Online only.
  2. Set transaction date as:  Date of the end of the consolidation period.
  3. Set order shipped date as:   Date of the end of the consolidation period.
  4. Sales Term: Date of the end of the consolidation period.
  5. Save memo as:  A memo would get included in QuickBooks Online stating when the sales ended for that particular consolidation period.
  6. Save print message to customer as: None
  7. Set product description as: QuickBooks Product description
  8. Set deposit account as: As configured by you.
  9. Payment method: Cash/Check/Credit card. If you had configured "As on store" option, it will be taken as Cash.
  10. Track Location : As it has been downloaded from QuickBooks Online and configured by you.

Changes in the Customers Tab :

All the customer options in the Customers tab of Unify would get hidden, once Consolidated syncing is configured.Unify would create a new customer with the store name as the first name and the consolidation time frame as the last name.

  • e.g. MyeCommerce Store, Daily Sales.

There are no changes in Product Settings and Taxes Settings.

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