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Module 4 - Section 1C: Connecting payment processors to Unify

Section 3: Connecting payment processors to Unify

When payment processors are connected to Unify, it is for the purpose of capturing the fee the payment processor takes from the gross amount of the order after the purchase for an order.  

Go to the Connections tab and click on Payment under Payment section and select the payment processor you want Unify to connect to: 


When you choose your payment Processor, a new window will pop-up for you to to login to your payment processor account. Once done, your payment processor will be added to your Unify account.

Each payment processor has different fees and rates and those can by synced to the accounting system.  

Note: If you are adding the Shopify Payments, you must ensure that your have added your Shopify store in Unify first.

 When enabled, the orders in the sales area will display the total (gross) and the net amount (after the fee is taken out).  




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