How eCC Desktop handles product with child items in 3D cart

The Advanced inventory must be enabled within 3D Cart for eCC Desktop to interact with each child item for quantity sync between QuickBooks and 3D Cart. 

With the Advanced Inventory enabled within 3D Cart, eCC Desktop can see each child item and sync its quantity between QuickBooks and 3D Cart.  

Limitation #1: eCC Desktop is not able to transfer product from QuickBooks into 3D cart as variations.  (This is a limitation of the 3D cart API).  

Limitation #2: eCC Desktop is only able to sync the quantity of the child item, not price. 


Creating variations

In 3D cart, each product with variations must be created in 3D cart manually. Each child product should have a unique identifier (SKU) in the Part# column.   

Note: The unique identifier (SKU) should be based on your online store and QuickBooks matching criteria set in the eCC Desktop configuration.  

When this is done, eCC Desktop will correctly see the Part # as the SKU. 


Syncing variation quantity

Quantity of the variations is managed in the Advanced Options area.   

In the Advanced Options area, this is where eCC Desktop will sync qty data in this area for each variation.

Note: eCC Desktop will sync the quantity only.  Price of the variation is static and cannot be synced. 


eCC Desktop will sync qty data in this area for each variation.

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