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Connect eCC Desktop to Pixafy

Step 1 : On the Add Store Wizard screen, enter the Store Name, select Magento Store from the drop-down, enter the Store web address and click on Continue.

To know your store web address, follow the steps below :

1. Login to your Pixafy Online store Portal.

2. After logging in, go to Apps tab.

3. Now search for the eCC.

4. As soon as you search for eCC, Webgility App would come up. Click on Manage.

5. After clicking Manage button, you will be redirected to the eCC Configuration page . Here you will get your Webgility Store Module URL. Copy the url.

Now go to your eCC Desktop Add Store Wizard and paste the store module url in the store web address area. Click on Continue.

Step 2 : Now enter the Store Admin username and password and click on Connect to Store.

Step 3 : eCC Desktop will then download the store data and settings. Click on Continue to proceed.

Step 4 : Enter your store details and click on Continue.

Step 5 : Select the version of Accounting Software you want to connect to.

Step 6 : Browse the Company file location and click on Connect to QuickBooks.

Step 7 : After successful connection eCC Desktop will download QuickBooks data and settings. Click on Continue.

Step 8 : Configure your Order Processing Settings and click on Continue

Step 9 : Now your online store is successfully added to eCC Desktop. Depending on your choice select the options and click on Let's Go button.

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