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Using Shiplark With ECC Desktop

If you are using eCC Desktop to post orders to QuickBooks but your shipping department is in another location, offsite or connected via VPN, you can run into loading and performance due to the instability of the VPN connection.  

Using Shipping exclusively for your shipping department will be a smooth solution for shipping while still allowing your other location running QuickBooks to post shipped orders to QuickBooks.  



Using Shiplark

Shiplark first in line [A] to download orders from your online store and get them shipped.  Here is what you need to know about your shipping solution: 

1) After an order is shipped, Shiplark will send the tracking information back to the online order in the store. [B]

2) Once the shipping information (tracking info, method) is in the order in the online store, the order status changed to reflect the shipping (Shipped/Completed, etc)? [C]

3) eCC Desktop will download the shipped orders and post them to QuickBooks. [D]

These two functions are essential for communicating with your customers that the order has been shipped as well as how eCC Desktop will download the orders. 


In eCC Desktop [C]

Shiplark will modify the order status, which indicates the order has been shipped and is ready to be posted to QuickBooks, here is how to set that up in eCC Desktop: 

1) In eCC Desktop go to file->Configuration store and select the Orders screen. 

Note: Order statuses vary from online store. Select the status you specifically utilize within your store.

2) Select the order status that you use to indicate in your online store, that an order has shipped.  

3) The process payment column should be set to "No, Mark as Paid" = orders will appear as "Paid" in eCC Desktop.

4) The Process Shipment column should be set to "No, Mark as Shipped" = orders will appear as "Shipped" in eCC Desktop.


Within the eCC Desktop inbox

 As you can see, the orders that are downloaded are Paid and Shipped.  They are now ready to be posted to QuickBooks [D]


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