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Setting up tax items in QuickBooks POS

Setting up Tax locations in QuickBooks POS

You would need to do this if you have chosen the either tax calculation options in eCC Desktop of: 

My online store calculates tax

Creating tax items in QuickBooks POS

Tax items are created just like regular items in QuickBooks POS.  But the tax item has a few different qualities. 

Step 1: Create the item by going to Inventory->New item

Step 2: Setting up the tax item

Name: give the tax item a name the shows what this is. This name will show as an item within a Sales Receipt 

a. Type: the tax item should always be a non-inventory part.  You can't have a quantity for this type of item.

b. Department: should be assigned to an admin department.  In this example it is set to the default "system" department.  

c. Tax: the tax item must be set to "non".  

Important: If it set to "tax" the tax item will be taxed by QuickBooks, resulting in double tax and errors when posting to QuickBooks POS.  

Step 3: Click Save to successfully create the tax item in QB POS.  


What happens in QuickBooks POS

a. When the tax item is used to calculate tax, the tax appears on a sales receipt as a line item, just like a purchased item.

b. The tax indicator is set to $0 because QuickBooks did not calculate the tax.

Since it was calculated by the online store, there is no need to have QuickBooks calculate the tax again. 



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