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How to "undo" synced orders in Xero using Unify

Whether an error was made in the sync settings, or you’ve decided to change the way data is recorded in your accounting software, you can now undo order syncs in one click.

Overview :

  1. When you select few orders from the transactions tab, which are in consolidated transaction to Undo-Sync, then the complete consolidated transaction for the respective orders will be deleted.
  2. You will see the 3 new (Payment Processor, Payment Status and Net) tabs only if you have added any Payment Processor in your Unify account.
  3. You can now Un-Sync any orders that were synced to your accounting software as Awaiting Payment and Pending Approval

  4. When you un-sync: 

    a. All  invoices created as Pending Approval will be deleted from your accounting software. 

    b. All invoices created as Awaiting Payment will be voided in your accounting software. 

You can use the UNDO SYNC option to delete any synced transactions from QuickBooks Online.  

To UnSync your synced order(s):

Step 1 : Go to the Sales tab. Select the orders which you want to unsync, select UNDO SYNC option from the drop-down and click on Confirm button.

It will display a confirmation pop-up.

5. Upon clicking Ok, it will delete the respective transaction (Invoice/Sales Receipt) in Xero and the status of the order(s) in Unify will change to Unsynced. At the same time a successful message will be shown:


Points to remember :

  1. If Unify creates a "Pending Approval" invoice and customer goes to Xero and marks it Awaiting Payment > "Paid”(manually), then Unify will not be able to Un-Sync that order.

  2. If Unify creates an "Awaiting Payment" invoice and the customer goes to Xero and marks it “Paid”(manually), then Unify will not be able to Un-Sync that order. 

  3. All Orders (created as “Invoice Paid”) on Synced tab will be disabled and you cannot undo sync for these orders.  You can only Un-Sync orders synced with your current accounting file as “Awaiting Approval or Awaiting Payment”.  


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