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Using FedEx One Rate (eCC Desktop)

eCC Desktop is able to utilize the functionality of FedEx One Rate which is flat rate shipping and there is no need to weigh or measure shipments under:

  • 50lbs for FedEx Paks, Tubes and boxes
  • 10lbs in FedEx Envelopes 
  • Declared value is up to $100

FedEx One Rate generates rates using the FedEx Express Saver and 1 -, 2 -, or 3 day service. Click here for more information about FedEx One Rate.  


How to ship using FedEx One Rate

Step 1: Select FedEx Express Saver from the service dropdown


Step 2: Go to the options tab and enable FedEx One rate option (as shown below) 

Step 3: Chose a package type from the dropdown

Step 4: Shipping options

  • Declared Value: this value is up to $100. If the declared value exceeds $100 the shipping rate will be higher. 
  • Total weight: 10lb max for Envelopes and 50lb max for Pak, Boxes and Tubes

Step 5: Click on Get Rates

FedEx Express Saver is the rate that FedEx One Rate is calculated by, select the FedEx Express Saver rate and click Use This


Step 6: Click on Generate Label

Shipping confirmation will show the tracking ID and the shipping charges (rate) for this label

Here is how the label will look when generated by eCC Desktop



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