Processing offline payments with eCC Desktop



  1. A user must have an account with either 'PayPal', '' or with 'NetSuite Merchant Service'.
  2. Contact your payment processors to get the 'Transaction Key', and try to 'test & authorize' the connection between you and your payment processor.
  3. Only one 'Payment processor' (at a time) can be used to process offline payments.

When an order is created on line and the payment is: 

  • Authorized by a payment gateway
  • Authorized and captured by a payment gateway
  • Captured by a payment gateway for processing later using eCC Desktop
Note: If you are capturing payment information for processing in NetSuite, payment methods in the online store need to be mapped with those in NetSuite. 


The process of making an offline payment allows eCC Desktop to capture payment details from the payment processor in the online order. Use the Payment screen, if you want to use eCC to process offline payments or capture a previously authorized transaction. 

1) Use eCC to process offline payments?

  • Select 'No, my online store processes payments', if payment processing is done at your Online store. In this case, all your orders will be received in Paid status and eCC will download the transaction ID from your store (if available).
  • Select 'Yes, use eCC to process payments', if you'd like eCC to handle the payment processing. eCC currently supports '', 'PayPal'
  • Select 'Yes, use eCC to CAPTURE payments that are AUTH-ONLY in my online store', if your online store has authorized the transactions but they are yet to be captured. (Only supported by and PayPal). eCC must be able to download the transaction ID of the authorization from your online store in order to capture the payment.

2) Select Payment Processor

  • Authorize.Net: Use this option to configure '', to process payments for your online orders. Enter the 'Merchant Login' and 'Transaction key' provided by ''. Click on 'Test Connection' so that '' can verify your settings.

  • PayPal: Use this option to configure 'PayPal', to process payments for your online orders. Enter the 'Username', 'Password' and 'Signature' provided by PayPal. Click on 'Test Connection' to PayPal to verify your settings.

                                            Map Payment Methods

Use this screen to map your online store payment methods with the methods you have set up in NetSuite. eCC will display a list of 'Card Types' and 'Payment Methods', that are enabled in your online store on the left side. On the right side you'll see a drop down with a list of payment methods setup in NetSuite. Select the values and click on 'SAVE'. eCC also provides an option to enter text corresponding to your online store payment method and the ability to setup a default Payment method.



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