Downloading orders into eCC Desktop

 eCC downloads orders from your Online store on the basis of 'Order status', 'Date range' and 'Order number'.  

 If you are unsure, what that status is, ask yourself below questions: 

  1. Where are the orders that are ready for me to process in my online store?
  2. What is the status of those orders?
  3. Are those orders already paid for?
  4. Are they ready to be shipped?
  5. Are they already shipped because I have an off-site shipping department that ships my orders when they ready?

The answers will govern, what status is chosen, either the order paid or shipped when it is downloaded into eCC Desktop. 



 1) Select which orders to download into eCC

  • a. Download to eCC and Online Order status: The answer to questions 1 and 2 will determine this.
  • b. Process Payment: If your orders that area ready to process are already paid for, then they will need to downloaded into eCC as Paid.  Therefore, No, mark as paid.
  • c. Process Shipping:
  • 'Yes': Orders are downloaded as Unshipped.
  • 'No,Mark as Shipped': Orders downloaded as Shipped.

 2) How to handle orders that are not processed in eCC

 Any order status that are not checked, are not processed in eCC. There are two options to choose:

  • Don't download.
  • Download, but place in the 'Ignore' tab.

 3) Download Range

Select a starting time frame and order number to being downloading orders into eCC Desktop. 
4) Download Options   
There are various options to download data into eCC. These options varies cart by cart.
  • Click here to view these options in the Magento integration. 




  • Status used when posting orders back to store: This is the order status that the Post to Store function will change the order to. 
  • Send order completion email after posting back to store: eCC Desktop can trigger the online store to send an email with shipping details (Tracking ID) to the customer. 
  • Order Acknowledgement: eCC Desktop will add an icon next to the order and eCC will change the order status in the online store selected in the drop down. 

  • Status used when cancelling orders: If you cancel an order within eCC Desktop, this is the status that the online order will be updated to. 
  • Send order cancellation email when order is cancelled: eCC Desktop can trigger the online store to send a order cancellation email to the customer. 


When creating a phone order, eCC Desktop can either retrieve NetSuite items or Online store items to create phone orders within eCC Desktop. 


If there are changes made to an order (in the online store) after it is initially downloaded into eCC Desktop, will sent the order to the 'updates' tab. The user will be able to verify the data that has changed and re-download the order based on those changes.  

  • 'Yes': Displays an interface of data eCC can detect if a change is made. 

Note: The user should isolate the most common types of order changes that can be made to an order.  

  • 'No': If you don't want eCC Desktop to detect order changes, this function can be turned off. 


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