Downloading Netsuite data into eCC Desktop


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 You can access the store configuration directly from the Dashboard: 

or from the final screen of the Add Store Wizard: 





Download Settings

In this screen, information from the online store and Netsuite are downloaded which is used to setup the other screens within the store profile configuration. 

Important: You can also check or un-check data that  you don't want downloaded in this area.  For example if you just want to download custom fields, you can un-check the item and customer download boxes.  


Downloading Netsuite customer data

If your Netsuite account has thousands of customer it will take about approx 10 min per 1000 customers.  The data that is downloaded will be applicable in the Customer screen of the store configuration. 


Download Netsuite Item data

When eCC Desktop connected to Netsuite initially it downloaded the item data, so there is no need to download it again.  If you are adding items manually to Netsuite, new items can be downloaded with the Product module.  

Note: if you have specific item types you want to download, select the download options button to specific the exact item types to download.  As shown below: 


Downloading other data

This downloads all the misc data used to configure how order are posted to Netsuite.  If you are using or adding custom fields in your transactions, you will need to download only the "other data".  


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