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Pro Services: Unify Accounting Consultation Guide

 Accounting Consultation Session

When you are working with the Onboarding Squad, we have a good idea of the state of your accounting and based on the questions you ask in the setup or training we can determine what you need.  

But we will do an assessment and ask you what you would like to cover within your 1hr consultation.  We will match you with the best advisor to address your questions about QuickBooks Online or Xero.  


How to prepare for your accounting consultation session

It is also a good idea to have your QuickBooks Online/Xero user or accountant present in this session as this is an accounting heavy session and they may have questions that can be addressed by the advisor. 


Who to get involved in the accounting advising session

  • Unify users/department: This is the person or department who will be using Unify day to day.  They know and understand how Unify has been setup to sync accounting data and transactions
  • Accountant/Bookkeeper: The setup of the store profile in Unify will have utilize multiple accounting areas.  It will be helpful for whoever is handling your accounting to attend the setup session to make sure aspects are being setup correctly. 

What the accounting advising session will cover 

  • General best practices for using the product with your business rules and QuickBooks
  • Workflow analysis in QuickBooks Online/Xero
  • Setup QuickBooks for integration with online sales channels
  • Training on key accounting features and business reports



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