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Transfer order from archived to old archived

This article talks about "how to improve the performance of eCC', that some users might experience while operating when the system reaches it's peak.
Some of the common pop ups the user might see are "Out of Memory".

Below steps will help you optimize the performance  

Step :1 Go to "eCC >> File >> Advance Setting" as highlighted in the picture below:

Step :2 In the "Advance Settings" window, check the 'auto-archive' box and select number of days up to which you want to archive the orders.

This option can be found under 'auto-archive older than' drop-down as highlighted in the picture below, and click on "Save".

Step :3 On the dashboard go to "Orders >> Search orders" as highlighted in the picture below:

Step :4 Under the "Search orders" window, search your orders by selecting 'date criteria' or based on the desired criteria shown on the screen, then you can move your orders to archive by clicking on "Move to Archive tab" as shown in the picture below:

Step :5 Go to "Archived" tab on your eCC software and select "Show order since" option as highlighted in the picture below:

Step :6 You can see all the order in "Old Archived" window as show in the picture below :



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