Upgrade Shiplark to the latest version

Your Webgility plan includes ongoing support and free upgrades to the latest version of our software. When there is a new version of your software available, you will be notified when you log in. You can also download the latest installer from your Webgility account.

Option #1: Automatic software prompt

When a new update for our software has been released to existing users, you will know because when you log in to Shiplark, you will be notified with a pop up window.  

When you click update, you will prompted to backup your Shiplark database. Choose the Webgility folder then choose the Shiplark folder and save the back up in that location.  

When the back up is complete, click OK and the upgrade will start.

If you aren't prompted to upgrade you can always login to your Webgility account and download a fresh installer to get access to the latest version of  Shiplark, that can be done as well.  

Important: Before Shiplark is reinstalled, the database should be backed up as shown above. 

Option #2: Updating from your Webgility account

Log in to your Webgility account and click on "downloads."


Click the orange button to download the installer to your hard drive.

After you download the installer you will be prompted to reinstall Shiplark.  Click Yes. 

Shiplark will be reinstalled and you will be able to login as usual.  

Note: Just in case you lose data (which is rare) you have a current backup of your database.  Click here to see how to restore your Shiplark database.  


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