How to Transfer product variations from QB to Shopify using eCC Desktop (Pro/Premiere/Enterprise)

Step 1: In order to transfer the Variant Products from QuickBooks to Shopify store, you need to configure settings in eCC.

Go-to File>>Configure Store>> Products and enable option “Do You have Product Variations?”


Step 2: Select the Separator and the attributes you are managing in Quick Books based on sub-items created.

The matching criteria will determine how eCC Desktop recognizes a product in the online store and in QuickBooks, which should be identical at both places. 

Parent SKU is the main SKU of the product for the "base" item. 

Once the changes are made, save the settings and go-to dashboard.

Step 3: Click on Product>>Transfer Products.


Select the Parent Product also the other options, Manufacturers, Categories ect. Enter the Attributes and Save the Product settings to make the product “Ready To Transfer”

Once the Items Status is “Ready to Transfer” , click on transfer Products to create the Variant Product on your Shopify Store.


 Attribute Rules

Identifying product variations (Online Store):  Variations are separated by a separator, therefore choose the type of separator that connect the parent SKU to the attribute. 

Identifying product variations (QuickBooks):  Each product is the variation in the online store

Note: "child" items when connected to a parent item are connected by a ":",  If you have created the variation as a simple item (inventory item) and connected it to the "parent" item in QB, the separators in online store must match the format of QuickBooks.  This may require you to modify your online store SKUs. 

 How eCC Desktop sees Shopify Cart variations

To determine how eCC Desktop sees the variations within your shopify store.

After setting up the configuration, go to the Product Module ->My Products and click on the Get Product button. This is how it will show the Variant Products in eCC for QB Financial.

eCC Desktop will see the base product (household)

Note: For Shopify, there is no Parent item created hence it is not downloaded within eCC. 



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