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How to Process Return Orders for Amazon with eCC


  1. eCC only process orders returns "FBA" (Fulfilment By Amazon), and not the "merchant" orders.

  1. Enable eCC to download Return Orders.
  • You can enable eCC to download and manage return Orders from Amazon stores.
  • In order to download the Return orders in eCC, you should enable the order Update feature under File>>Configure Store>>Orders Tab select “Yes” on the drop down and then make changes on the order update settings window.


  • Now eCC will download the orders under the updates tab and will show What’s Changed as “Order Returned”



Set up Expenses and Fees to handle Return Orders.

  1. In order to handle the return orders there is no separate settings provided in eCC for Expenses and Fees.

The transaction which is selected for Item price, under the Record Refund transactions, in QuickBooks is used to record the Return orders as well.



 Posting Return Orders from Updates tab.

  1. As soon as a return order is downloaded into updates tab you can post that order from the Updates tab itself without downloading the Updated order into eCC.
  • In order to post the return order Settlement report containing order return information should be downloaded into eCC.
  • As soon as the Settlement report is downloaded into eCC for the returns it will show the Settlement received status as “Yes”.


  • Once the Settlement report is received in eCC you can select the return order under “Updates” tab and click on “Post to QuickBooks”.
  •  You can also post the return order after downloading the updated order into eCC , from the  order details window, under the "Returns" Tab.


Things to keep in Mind

  • eCC will not download the return orders which are older than a month.
  • If return order is downloaded into “Updates” tab and you want to download the updated order then you are voiding the previously created transactions. (Only if order was pre - posted into QuickBooks) eCC will now prompt you to void the Transaction.


Reference: Process return orders from Amazon, Posting return orders from the update tab, Set up expenses and fees to handle return orders.

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