Amazon order download issue




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    ECC Desktop scheduler has been downloading orders and posting to quickbooks without a problem, HOWEVER - The Log reports: [ 12:10:47 AM ] ProfileName : *********, #Error# Download Orders : Cannot find column [product-name].

    Despite that error, all our amazon orders have downloaded and have posted to quickbooks fine..

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    Cameron Nelson


    I am glad you are getting your orders downloaded despite this error. If you do experiencing any difficulty downloading the orders, our support team has prepared a fix for this. Feel free to submit a request so they can give it to you, just be on the safe side.

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    Home Antenna


    We have experienced the same Amazon Order Download issue as well since Wed.

    Error messge:

    eCC encountered an error.
    Cannot fild column[product-name].

    System.Data.EvaluateException: Cannot find column [product-name].
    at wg.eCC.OnlineStoreFactory.AmazonMarketPlace.DownloadOrders(ProfileAdminDTO profileAdmin, OrderProcessingSettingsDTO orderProcessingSettings, String dateFormat, String strCCSPassword)
    at wg.eCC.Controller.OnlineStoreController.DownloadOrders(Int64 profileID, ProfileAdminDTO objProfileAdminDTO, OrderProcessingSettingsDTO objOrderProcessingSettingsDTO, Int32 storeType, String strDateFormat, String strCCSPassword, Boolean IsOrderDownloadForNewProfile)

    Report Status of Order Reports Request shown on Amazon sellercentral side says ready.

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