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How does Shiplark for FedEx Order Refresh / Auto Update work?

To learn how the Order Refresh functionality works, lets take the example of order 200000253 below where we manually processed the order and added a shipment tracking id to it. A change in shipment details is one of the scenarios that activates the order refresh functionality in Shiplark. 




Shiplark then confirms that the shipment has been recorded.




Immediately after Shiplark's confirmation of shipment record, it tells us that shipment details have changed in Shiplark and would we like to post these updates to the store. Placing a checkmark on 'Remember this action', will create a rule based on the click on a yes or no and the prompt will not appear for the same thing again. For each Order Refresh Scenario (as chosen in the configuration), a different rule would be created. For this example we have clicked on a yes.




After the change in the shipment info, order number 100000137 is disabled in the inbox.




To be able to work on this order you would first need to go to the updates tab and accept or refuse to accept the changes made. You can do so by clicking on the Ignore / Download Updated Order buttons. You can also cancel the order by clicking the Cancel Order button.



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