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Post to Store: Customer notification after shipping with Shiplark for FedEx

Once you have processed shipping for your order, the next thing you want to do is update the order on the online store and change the status.



This is called the Post to Store function and it is setup in the Orders screen of the store configuration.


Shiplark can modify the order status the user uses to signify an order has shipped. "Post to Store" also triggers the online store to send an email to the customer of the change in order order status and shipping details. 


Note: Sending order completion email after posting is dependent on the functionality of the online store.  


Step 1: Select the orders that are Shipped within the inbox and select the button. 

Step 2: Shiplark will sending the carrier, method and tracking number to the online store and the order will be changed to "Posted" in the Shiplark inbox. 



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