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Installing eCC Desktop on a server machine

What is unique about a server environment:

  • QB file is on server unit
  • All users are connected to server to talk to company file
  • Want eCC desktop (database on that server) so it can be accessed from multiple locations. 
  • If eCC on admin computer, the add on user must have access to the server (QB) and to the admin computer (eCC Database). 
  • When the eCC database is housed on the server, it acts as a hub which all users can access

Installation procedure

  • The SQL server installation depends on the version of server operating system.  
  • Once eCC Desktop and SQL are installed, connect it to the online store and QuickBooks company file. 
  • Test downloading of orders, products from the store and posting download orders to Quickbooks. 

Using the automation (eCC Scheduler)

  • If the server is going to have downtime or if user is not logged into the server, the eCC Scheduler cannot automate continuously. 
  • Install eCC Desktop on another workstation, the eCC Database (SQL server) will connect to the database installed on the server.  This workstation will be the primary working environment. 
  • eCC Scheduler will be able to run automatically and continually, while primary workstation is connected to the server. 
  • Note: the eCC Scheduler can be configured to run up login as a startup item

Multiple users

  • Add-on computer must have QuickBooks installed on it
  • Must be able to access server for main eCC Desktop database


Advanced environments

Terminal sessions

  • Once you close out of the session it breaks the SQL connection and eCC
  • each session has a unique ID 
  • eCC has to be reconfigured
  • If you install on a terminal session, the SQL must be installed in the root server (console environment). 
  • eCC must be installed in the root server
  • Login - creates a fake environment for them to work in.  Upon log out, the state resets.  Can't run services.  
  • (RDP connection) - login into computer, then log into server 
  • Identifying terminal sessions: The background is usually black.  Unless you are tech savvy, it is seamless. 

Virtual Machines

  • Although this integration is untested, we do have users that are using this smoothly.  
  • Check with the support for more information and limitations. 
  • Operating system user profile follows you thorough out the virtual environment so logging in to different computer takes time, but information seems to be static.  

Installation procedure

  • Admin user installs eCC Desktop on the server console
  • If server desktop is not meant to be used as a workstation, then eCC Desktop must be installed on a different machine within the LAN.  (Note: not a terminal session or virtual environment). 


Best practices

  • eCC Desktop cannot be installed on an Exchange server
  • Server must be configured to communicate with the internet (online)
  • Installation must be done as the ADMIN user of the network
  • If you are using the ACT software, it's best to install the eCC database on another computer. 

 For any questions contact our support team: 877.753.5373 ext 3

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