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Create a Stamps.Com Shipping label in eCC Desktop

1) Select the order that you want to ship and click Process Shipping. This will open up the Shipping Module.  The shipping charge and shipping method requested are also captured from the order.




2) If needed, the Ship to and/or Ship from addresses can also be edited from here.  Click and make the necessary modifications, then click save.
3) On the right hand side, make sure that is the shipping processor.
4) Select your shipping parameters for the current shipment.
First Validate Address, and confirm the address.
Then click the Get Rates button to get the current shipping rate for the service selected.
5) Click Generate label to create a label for



Shipping Features with

1) 4a. Validate Address
2) Modification of “Ship to” and “Ship From” addresses
3) Shipment Add-on Details as default selection options
4) Weight can be set to ounces or pounds by default



Note: These settings can be configured in the store configuration area or by clicking “Edit settings” next to the shipping processor in the shipping module.

5) International shipping
6)  Weight Scale support
Dymo (Model 40149) Weight Scale


Select the order you would like to ship.  When an individual order is selected, it will be defaulted to Single Shipment.  If this order has items that have been purchased but are not available to ship at the time of initial shipment, Multiple Shipment can be chosen to ship based on the items available.

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