Setup Express1 for use with eCC Desktop

The first step to be able to ship with Express1 is to select it from the configure store shipping section. If you are configuring your Shiplark store for the first time, then shipping will be a step you will have to go through. Incase you are a regular user of Shiplark and need to setup Express1, simply enable it from File >> Configure Store >> Shipping.


1. To Enable Express1, select it from the available options and click on register.




2. As soon as you click register, a web browser will open up with the Express1 registration page. An Express1 credentials window will open in Shiplark as well. Fill in the details on the webpage and click on Submit Form.




3. If everything goes ok, upon clicking Submit Form, you will see a message on the page saying "your account has been created successfully". You may now return to the Shiplark Express1 credentials window. Remember not to close the browser window.




4. As soon as you return to the "Shiplark Express1 Credentials" Window, click on 'Get credentials'. Shiplark will capture the credentials from the Express1 page you registered on.




5. Once the credentials are captured Shiplark will tell you so, and will allow you to fill in the other details on the Express1 credentials window.You may now close the browser window that was opened for you for Express1 Registration.


2012-06-21_2310 2012-06-21_2310_001


6. As soon as the details are filled, click on 'Save' to save the details and then on 'Close' to return to the Shiplark "Configure Shipping" Screen




7. You will now see am 'Account Information' button next to Express1 in place of the 'Register' that was originally there.
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