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New feature: Manage your inventory with eCC Cloud

September 18, 2014

In order to help you manage and grow your business, eCC Cloud can now sync your inventory between your online store and QuickBooks Online. Many of you asked us for this feature and we’re excited to be able to offer it.

Tracking your inventory in QuickBooks Online allows you to better understand your business and make smarter decisions. You can track item profitability so you know which products are making you the most money. Review inventory trends for better planning. If you’re selling on multiple channels, you can prevent overselling.

eCC Cloud makes inventory management easy. When you add new products to your store, you can update QuickBooks Online in one click. When you sync a sale from your online store, it automatically adjusts the product quantity in QuickBooks Online. If the product isn’t found in QuickBooks Online, eCC Cloud will create it in the proper account with the quantity on hand.

Learn more about inventory management:

Note: The only edition of QuickBooks Online that has inventory tracking is Plus. If you’re using Essentials or Simple Start, click here to learn how to upgrade your QuickBooks Online.

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