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Process Shipping: Creating shipping labels in Shiplark

To generate a shipping label for orders, select the order(s) and click the Process Shipping button to proceed to the shipping module. 


The Shipping Module Screen

The area on the left has information about the order and the area on the right has information about how the order is to be shipped. 

How shipping labels are generated

Step 1: Validate address: Shiplark captures the "Ship To" from the shipping address in the online order. The shipping address must be validated before rates are calculated based on shipping parameters. 

Step 2: Select a shipping processor, service, package type, declared value and weight.  All of these aspects together are used by the shipping processor to determine the shipping rate. 

Step 3: Calculate shipping rate

  • Get rates: this will show the shipping rates for the current shipping processor in the dropdown.


  • Compare Rates: this compares the shipping rate of each processor that is connected to Shiplark.  Cycle through the tabs to see the rate for each processor.  


Note: Compare rates can only be used for API based shipping processors: FedEx, UPS Direct, Endicia Label Server, and Express 1


Step 4a: Save Shipment: This allows the current order(s) selected and the shipping parameters to be saved so you can work on a new shipment or leave this area to work on something else.

The saved shipment will be marked as "Ready to Ship" and will be visible in the inbox.  To resume shipping, select the "Ready to Ship" order in the inbox and click "Process Shipping".

Step 4b: Generate Shipping label: This generates a shipping label based on the shipping parameters chosen to generate the label.

After an order is shipped, Shiplark will attach the shipping details to the order.

The order can be posted to store and archived. 


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