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eCC Desktop Release


Release date: September 15, 2015

Feature Enhancements :

  1. Now user can consolidate Amazon Settlement report.
  2. The Advance Inventory options are now supported with QuickBooks Canada Enterprise version.
  3. eCC Desktop has integrated a new online store called Pixafy. 
  4. Shopify : eCC Desktop has provide an option to download customers from Shopify store.
  5. User have an option to set Ship date as Order date + 1 Business day while posting any transaction in QuickBooks.
  6. Now user has an option to use Standard Customer Address at time of Consolidate posting.
  7. User now have an option to view and export missing items from their Amazon and eBay store.
  8. User can set Order Total amount or Transaction Amount in the receipt payment entry for Paid Invoice.
  9. eCC Desktop has provided user an option to create Purchase order without posting order in QuickBooks.
  10. User can set other values in Reference fields of manually before shipping.Character length should not be more than 30.

Customization :

  1. User have an option to move orders to archive tab if order is posted to QuickBooks and Posted to store.
  2. User can now download the Sales rep from Store and map it with QuickBooks Transaction class.
  3. User can customize eCC to set PO number as QuickBooks Transaction number.
  4. User can now create purchase order in QuickBooks with Sales price.

Issues Fixed :

  1. Tax code of order Item changes after download order from update tab for Shopify
  2. Object reference error in ELS after generate shipment
  3. User not able to run Lokad with scheduler.
  4. User not able to transfer Image from POS to Shopify
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