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Advanced order download method for Volusion store

This document describes the alternate order download option for Volusion store which allows the user to download orders without resetting the API. 

Reset "API" is a manual task which has been eliminated by this alternate download option. You will be able to download orders by providing a order number of your choice, and eCC will download orders which has the order number greater than order number fed in the system.

Here's how to set the alternate orders download method for Volusion:

Step 1: Go to "Advanced settings" screen and under the other tab, you need to select the option to download orders using advanced API. 

By default this option is unchecked. You will need to select this option first, Ones the option is selected eCC will prompt the following message.

Please download all orders irrespective of orders status or you need to reset the order number to download skipped orders.

Set alternate order download settings by checking the box for advance method for volusion API as shown in the below:


In the event of selecting all of the statuses to download, all orders will be downloaded and there will be no skipped orders.

Note: If you choose to download all the statuses order you will charged for all orders, irrespective of the orders being used.

IMPORTANT: If the user wants to download orders for a specific type. eCC will download order using the start order number and status in this case, few of the orders will skip which has not fulfilled the status criteria when we download the orders. In this case user needs to manually reset the order download number in eCC and try downloading the orders again.


Step 2: In configure store window and under "Order settings" you'll find an option to provide start order number from which eCC will download the orders, only if you have selected the option to download orders using advanced method in advanced settings screen refer to the screen shot below:


Step 3: Enter the order no on the order download box on the dashboard.

Step 4: Enter the order number that you want to download from and eCC will download orders      which has the order number greater than order number entered in the system.

If the User wants to switch back to the Volusion generic API download option you simply need to uncheck the option "download orders using advanced API" on the "Advanced settings" screen and under the "other tab".


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