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Using FedEx Hold at location (eCC Desktop)

FedEx Hold at location allows the shipment to be shipped not to a residence but to a designated FedEx retail location to hold, so the customer can pick it up if their residence is unable to successfully receive the shipment. 

This must be setup for each shipment created.  To select this option, while in the shipping module (in the process of shipping a order) click the Options tab. 


Get Location

The correct hold at location can be retrieved based on the shipper (merchant) or the recipient (customer).  

Note: The Hold at location is for the retrieval of the customer, so Recipient should be selected. 

Click on Get Location and choose the location in closest proximity to the customer. 

Click the shipment details tab to resume shipping the order in the shipping module. 

Step 1: You will have to get rates again to reassess the rate to include the Hold at Location. 

Step 2: Click save shipment and generate label. 


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