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How to Install eCC Desktop

Important: If your QuickBooks company file is on a server or you intend to install eCC Desktop on a server unit, please click here to learn more about that process. 



1. System Requirement

2. Webgility Account

Process of installation 


To Install eCC Desktop, you can download it from the Trial page or within the downloads menu of your Webgility Account.

Click on "download eCC Desktop"  and the installer will begin downloading.

Locate the ".zip" file download in your system download folder or your predefined path set up in your web browser. Double click on it to extract at the desired location or predefined path. Alternatively you can run the setup directly if your operating system asks you to.



Step 1: Double click on the eCC Desktop executable file. 

Step 2: The installation process will begin. 

Click next to proceed through the installer and click "INSTALL". 

Step 3: Sign in to eCC Desktop using the email address used to create the account and click "Login".

Step 4: "Installing the SQL Server"

eCC Desktop uses the SQL server to pass information between the online store and eCC Desktop. 
If you are installing eCC Desktop on computer for the first time, select the option to "Install SQL Server and create a new database".

Click Continue.  

If you are installing eCC on another computer (add-on user) or 2nd computer within your network (LAN), choose the option to connect to an existing SQL Server

Locate SQL Server: It will be the name of the first computer eCC Desktop was installed on\eCC.
Authentication method: use the SQL Server Authentication.
username: sa
password: Webgility2011

Click  to Connect.

Note: SQL installation approximate time: 10 - 30 min depending on speed of computer and operating system.

After the SQL server has been successfully installed, you will be able to:

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