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'Bulk Delete' / 'Bulk Archive' Orders from Shiplark for FedEx

Use this screen to search for orders by order date, amount, payment status, etc. In case you want to search for all the orders, directly hit the search button without selecting any filters.



How to search:


1. Select the order # range.
2. Select the date range.
3. You can also search by customer name, amount or status.
4. Click on Search


Clear : Use this button to clear the search filters.


Delete Orders : Once you have searched for orders,  select the ones you do not need and use this button to delete the selected orders.


Move to Archived Tab : Use this button to manually move orders to Archived Tab in a single click. All pending statuses will be marked completed without any processing.


Export Data : Search and select orders and then use this button to export those orders as a CSV that you can keep separately. To learn more about the settings you can make and the columns you can select while exporting the order. click here.


Help : This button offers more help on this topic.

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