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Introduction to Implementation Service Guide (Shiplark for FedEx)

Implementation Services Guide

A Webgility User guide

This page provides information on what is needed to prepare your website and shipping department for Webgility implementation services.  

You can refer back to our Implementation Services page for more information on specific services with your Shiplark for FedEx  plan. 


Before you install you should have:

Shiplark  for FedEx login credentials

FTP credentials to your store (Needed if it is a PHP based store)

Store admin credentials

Shipping processor account credentials

Purchase postage within shipping processor


Who to get involved 

  • Web Developer: Will need to supply the shopping cart FTP credentials and/or admin access needed to connect eCC Desktop to an online store. 
  • Shiplark for FedEx  user: this person will be using Shiplark day-to-day and will be trained on how to use Shiplark for Shipping and inventory management.  
  • Shipping Department: If Shipping is to be used in Shiplark by a department, and additional user(s) are purchased. 



Technical Setup

Installation Location: It is important to know where Shiplark is going to be installed. Either on a workstation or a on a workstation connected to various printers and other printing software.  

If you are installing Shiplark for FedEx  on a server, the SQL server installation (which is installed during the Shiplark for FedEx  installation) can be intricate.  It is very important that the CS Squad knows that Shiplark is to be installed on a server machine. 


Remote Desktops:  The CS Squad will be remoting in to your system.  If you are remoting into a system, the Shiplark for FedEx  installation can run into issues with installing the software and SQL server if the remote user doesn't have admin access. Being in the physical location or making sure the remote login has admin credentials if great prep work for the installation session. 


  • If you access your printers on a server location within your network (LAN) this is okay for Shiplark for FedEX
  • If you are connecting multiple shiplark  for FedEXusers to a server location outside of your network (VPN), Shiplark will have a difficult time maintaining connection to the other users
  • It is generally not recommended to connect Shiplark for FedEX to additional users that are accessible via VPN.

FTP information: Shiplark  for FedEx connects to some shopping carts by installing the Webgility Store Module into the shopping cart admin.  FTP information is:

  • The location that the website is hosted (Host/URL)
  • Username & Password to access the backend files of the website

Check with your Web Developer or Hosting company to get this information prior to the start of your Installation service.  


Add-on Users: If you intend on having an add-on users of Shiplark for FedEX, that workstation will need to connect to the Shiplark for FedEX  admin user's computer (LAN) and have access to printers on that computer. 


Booking your services

Once a subscription or services (separately) is purchased, you will receive an email from the Customer Success Squad.  That email has a booking link to book your services with us.  

If you aren't quite ready for implementation at the time of your purchase, you can book a 30min Product Consultation session with the Customer Success Squad to see where you are at in your Shiplark for FedEX integration. 

Scheduling: Sessions are booked between Monday - Friday between 7am - 3pm (pst).  If you need to make special time arrangements or if you are an international user, email the Customer Success Squad at to let us know.  


What is covered in the services sessions

Installation and Setup : What goes on in an installation and setup session? 

  • The CS team remotes into your computer you want Shiplark for FedEX installed on your computer
  • Connect Shiplark for FedEX to the online store(s) and shipping processors
  • Configure the store profile Shiplark for FedEX
  • Setup how to download orders and shipped
  • Setup how orders are posted to store
  • Setup printers for printing shipping labels



Training: What goes on in the training session? 

  • Review you store configuration
  • Shipping module training: generating shipping labels, posting to store
  • Learn the various features of each shipping processor
  • How to do multiple shipments and partial shipments
  • How to void shipments and track shipments within Shiplark for FedEX
  • Using the Shiplark  for FedEX Scheduler training: learn how to automate features to save you time 
  • General best practices and troubleshooting for shipping 

What to get ready in online store for Training

  • 5 test products
  • 5 test orders
  • 10 test customers

What to get ready in your shipping processor

  • Purchase postage for test printing and generating real shipping labels


What if you aren't ready? 

If you aren't ready for your services at the time of purchase, let your Sales rep know or send an email to after you purchase your plan and let us know.  We will work with you to find a date and time that works for your schedule.  

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