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Setting up how labels are printed for FedEx in Shiplark

This area will setup the printer for label printing with FedEx.

 Printer Settings: 


Label Settings: This is the location where the labels will be saved to.  In case you need to reprint the labels without utilizing additional postage.  

Domestic and International printers: Select a printer to print out the shipping labels.  Choose the printer type, local printer and image type.  

If you are using a thermal printer, click here to learn more about how to setup this area. 

Note: If your international label printer is the same as your domestic label printer, the international printer options will be grayed out (as shown above). 


Settings for shipping defaults

Go the the shipping rules tab to access this area.  If FedEx is going to be the default processor for either domestic of international shipments, it can also be selected here. 

To setup default settings for your processor, click Configure.  

These settings are your most commonly used label options and service, package type, dimensions, delivery confirmation and/or special services used while shipping. 

Note: click here to learn more about Webgility Insurance for shipping with FedEx. 


If you are printing international shipping labels, select the box and configure those label settings. 

Additional Settings

This area allows you to select how a shipments is picked up and how the label will be printed based on paper stock. 

Note: if you are have enabled international shipping, the international label stock type will be active. 

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